Solitude Castle, Stuttgart

An Autumn Must-Do in Stuttgart: Schloss Solitude

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Schloss Solitude is an absolutely beautiful location on top of one of Stuttgart’s biggest hills. With a panorama of this Schwaebisch region of Germany, this has got to be one of the most stunning locations to wander through in autumn.

The castle offers views to the north over the towns of Weilimdorf, Korntal and Ludwigsburg and the Württemberg lowlands around Ludwigsburg. Schloss Solitude Wikipedia

I don’t know about you but I come from a hot and tropical part of Australia and sadly, our area is void of any season besides a scorching hot and humid summer. For this reason, I thoroughly enjoy living in Germany in autumn because I get to see the leaves start to change colour. You’ll see an array of reds, yellows and burnt oranges – so many warm shades, you wouldn’t believe it! (At least not from these Queensland eyes anyway.)

Stuttgart admittedly isn’t one of those German cities which you have at the top of your ‘must-do’ list and that’s understandable. However, you will often pass through on your way to other destinations. In this case, I’d recommend a slight detour to this gorgeous castle and I’d say it’s best to come when the auburn colours are present. (Just see from the photos below!)


Solitude 1, 70197 Stuttgart

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The very beginning of autumn.
Just look at how romantic this area is when all the leaves are starting to fall off!
Could be a lovely spot for a wedding too.
Nice a quiet area up here, it feels like the countryside.
You know it’s autumn in Germany when you see these….
And in colour.
A popular destination for a little walk through the grounds. You can also do a castle tour if you’d like.
Schloss Solitude – Stuttgart.
Just gorgeous, isn’t it?
When your orange jeans match the season ❤

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