Climbing St Mary’s Church in Gdansk

Good evening Kaptain Kenny readers,

I’m going to start by telling you this is going to be one of the shortest posts ever. I’m short on time and want to wrap up my remaining posts from Eastern Europe 🙂

(If you’re looking for posts on Gdansk (Poland) which are more lengthy and informative, by all means click the following links:)

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So without further ado, let’s have a look at St Mary’s Church and whether or not it’s worth the climb: Trip Advisor Reviews

  • First of all, I’d like to say that the climb will set you back about 90 EUR cents. It’s not going to break the bank whether you enjoy the climb or not.
  • Many European cathedral climbs which I’ve done have been dark, squished and insanely tight during the entire journey up and down but THIS church is fabulously designed. There’s traffic for the way up and traffic for the way down. For those who struggle with tight spaces, you’ll only have a bit of that at the very beginning but the rest will be smooth sailing.
  • They didn’t seem to police how many people were allowed on the top viewing platform. For me, this was the major downer as I was squished in amongst every tourist imaginable. As you can see from my photos, it wasn’t always easy to get a photo of the old town directly below because of the barriers. For that reason, I’d say that it’s not suitable if you want to take beautifully aligned and perfect shots.
  • Still, a bit of exercise never goes astray and it was certainly lovely to take in a whiff of fresh air at the top & marvel at the views before my flight back to Germany.

So take a look at the photos below and enjoy!

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See the church with the light green towers? Well behind that is the viewing platform.
This is probably one of my favourite shots – Gdansk looks so cute from up here!
More from up above.
Bottom right corner: Gdansk is a foodie city, so there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.
Like a little monopoly town 🙂
The stairways are nice and broad when you’re past the beginning.
As you can see, once you leave the old town, the architecture really changes.
Facing the Gdansk harbour with the ferris wheel which happens to be featured in other posts of mine.
Even at the end, the stairway is still relatively wide. And breathe!
Worth the 90 cents for the view? I think so.
A photo looking down at the harbour with the church towers at the beginning.

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