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Good Food, Coffee and Beer in Vienna

Eating in Vienna

Guten Tag Kaptain Kenny readers,

This time we send you a small but reliable guide for Austria’s capital: Vienna.

Below you’ll find our guide for having a delicious meal, sipping on a great coffee and buying a couple of decent bottles of craft beer which you can then take to the park as an addition to your picnic.

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Schrankgasse 4, 1070 Vienna

+43 (0) 1890 4665 32

Well this place was an absolute gem! I knew the moment I was standing outside looking at their stylish wooden menu boards that this place would be good. I ordered a gazpacho to start with and in all honesty, it could have been one of the best ones I’ve tried. The gazpacho came with a delicious piece of bruschetta with the ripest, most delicious tomatoes on top. Additionally, I ordered a polenta and coconut ball curry which was a nice filler for the day. As a drink, I had a green smoothie. I don’t know if this makes me sound ridiculous but I love smoothies which are really SMOOTH. Often they are chunky and it’s a different experience to having a smoothie which was done in a good machine with fine blades. This smoothie was perfectly done and I gulped it down in about 5 seconds.

The space is fantastic – totally hidden away from traffic. The restaurant offers about 5 different sections so you have endless opportunities in terms of where to sit. The waiters were exceptionally friendly and I got into a lovely discussion with one of the girls who had travelled with many Australians and could identify my accent 🙂






I couldn’t even wait to photograph my food – I simply had to try it all!




Polenta and coconut balls, with pak choy and a coconut curry. Yum!


This is the main part of the restaurant which is in a kind of winter garden. This means there was gorgeous natural light pouring through the roof BUT when it started raining, we were protected and it was quite peaceful to listen to.

Next up on the agenda…. cawwwwfeee……


Zollergasse 5, 1070 Vienna

This is what happens when you set up a speciality coffee house and you want complete minimalism inside. What a cool space! This place feels very light inside and although the space is small, it’s been designed well. As usual, I ordered a flat white and the beans were lovely, nice and strong.

It was very busy while I was there so the locals must love it. I have to say I found this through using my coffee app called ‘Beanhunter‘. It was listed as one of Vienna’s best coffee places.




What’s on the menu?


Mmmm cake..


My lovely friend Eva who took the time to show me around Vienna for a few days <3




I’ll never miss a good photo opportunity.


Their stock colours are white and light mint which gives the space an airy feel.

For those who like something more alcoholic….


Gumpendorferstr. 35, 1060 Vienna

+43 (01) 58 10513

Do you love beer? Cider? What about specialty gin? Actually, all of that & more can be found here and boy is it a cool store. I had a lovely chat with the guy who works there and it’s great to support local places like this. Forget buying your alcohol from big chain supermarkets, support businesses like this which put their time and effort into speciality drinks. I walked away with a ginger beer and a lemongrass cider.

The other major factor in loving this location is that it’s on a really cool street where we stopped for an ice-cream and had a shop. There’s a sustainable fashion store directly opposite this beer shop which is called Anukoo.


Spoilt for choice here!


I do love a good gin display.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Pretty happy with my find at the beer store.


So. Much. Beer.

If you just roam around Vienna, you’ll find many cute little ‘pubs’ about town.


Enter a caption

For a breakfast/brunch option….


Cafe Motto Gastronomie
Franz Josefs Kai 2, 1010 Wien

Opening Hours:
Restaurant: 11:30 bis 14:30 Uhr und 18:00 bis 02:00 Uhr
Bar: from 18:00 till 04:00
Café: from 08:00 till midnight


Restaurant: +43-1- 25 255 – 10
Cafe: +43-1-25 255 – 11


Yes that’s my cute Germ in the way of the photo. Behind him & to the left, there’s a great location for your next breakfast or brunch in Vienna!

Situated ON the river, you can eat in style, perched on the balcony of this boat. I had the scrambled eggs with avocado and sourdough and a freshly squeezed juice. What a great way to start the day!

Apparently it can be quite hard to get a table as it’s a bit of an ‘in’ location but hey, it’s worth a try.


My one and only Germ.


Motto am Fluss.

 For those who want something a little spicy….

Max & Benito:

+43 (0) 660 372 22 18


Okay seriously, I’ll say it – I’m a burrito bowl FIEND. For this reason, I’d highly recommend this place. It was a really cool space, the owners were delightful and they had plenty of hipster beers and sides to choose from. Do it!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Can’t live without these kinds of meals.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Yay a heavy beer with a large caffeine percentage! *not sleeping tonight*


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