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My Review of the Kosan Go Travel Dress

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Kosan is revolutionising the travel industry.

If you’re one of my regular readers, you may recognise the name Kosan as I have already reviewed some of their genius products.

The people behind Kosan are Karyna and Alex – two young Canadians with a thirst for life. Karyna is one of my friendly IG-pals and even uses our travel community hashtag #TeamKaptainKenny

While on the road backpacking, it became clear to both her and her business partner that there were many innovative travel products missing on the market. Instead of whining about it – they founded a company. The rest is history!

First, they developed a multi-functional backpacking system which has revolutionised my carry-on baggage. The bag has helped to save me money in baggage fees, too. But this time, I’m reviewing their latest product, which they kindly sent to me for a test run…

The Kosan Go Travel Dress

When Karyna first offered to send me this dress, my response was “Wow, it looks gorgeous and so well designed but I’m not really a dress wearer. I usually go to colder climates.” It’s true, I usually live in beanies, hiking boots and waterproof jackets. See my top winter gear.

But then my husband and I booked our yearly one week holiday together to the Maldives and I told Karyna, “Well actually if you can send me the red travel dress, I’ll give it a try!”

I don’t usually wear a lot of dresses, nor the colour red but surprisingly, I fell in love with the Kosan Go Travel Dress because of its many uses. For example, it’s beautiful to wear out to a lovely restaurant with heels but I also wore it without shoes on the beach. Because it has many different press studs, you can adjust it to your own desired length and style. I could even imagine this being dressed up for a wedding too.

The Kosan Go Travel Dress has 14 different features such as being fully adjustable to give you totally different styles and it has hidden pockets for things like credit cards and passports. It’s even got anti-wrinkle and anti-odour fabric so it’s perfect for packing and travel.

Currently, Kosan‘s Kickstarter campaign for this travel dress is going even better than their last product launch. I’m so proud of them for that! The Kickstarter campaign is running until November 30th 2018 and right now they’re having a flash sale where you can get 25% off until November 23rd 2018.

The style that I received had a keyhole at the back which is fine but I would never normally buy a dress with a keyhole. (I’m 30, yo! I have to leave some skin to the imagination.) But since the release of this dress, Kosan got a lot of feedback and decided to offer a second style without the keyhole. So skin/no skin, there’s an option for you.

Want to get the best travel dress for yourself? Click this link. (The link is tracked to see how many sales are made by the way – that’s so Kosan and I know how awesome/not so awesome I am.)

kosan, kosan travel dress, best travel dress

I got a pre-production sample from them which means a few of the key features hadn’t been applied to my dress yet. The following features will apply to the dress you order:

Wrinkle resistant treatment will be applied

Internal seam finishing will be improved

All zippers will match in colour for final production

Armhole will be dropped slightly for more comfort

Front bust coverage will increase slightly

Hand sewn snaps (quality is improved during production) 


For more information on their brand, concept and story, you can follow their journey here: /

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