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Finally, a list of authentic travel bloggers: Meet Team Kaptain Kenny

There is so much talent in TKK, so let’s find out who is who.

Being part of Team Kaptain Kenny is fun and social and it also means there’s a chance to be inspired by and learn from other travel writers and avid photographers. I want to dedicate today’s post to some of the talented members of our niche community.

I asked the members of Team Kaptain Kenny on Facebook to send me an email with a link to their best work and a picture for this post. The list is ordered chronologically, with those who emailed me first at the top of the list.

Enjoy finding some new accounts today! And remember, if you want to be part of Team Kaptain Kenny you can do so by joining our Facebook group, using the hashtag #teamkaptainkenny on Instagram or by following the TKK feature account on Instagram.


1) The Hazel Eyed Traveller

Katie is a nurse who adores all things travel, especially checking off her bucket list of adventures. She’s from the United States but was actually born in Iceland – brrrr! She writes beautifully poetic stories and often finds herself in rather romantic places. Find her on Instagram here: @thehazeleyedtraveler.

The Hazel Eyed Traveller, Team Kaptain Kenny


2) The Travel Quandary

Jasmine and Bevan write and take photos at ‘The Travel Quandary’ which is a travel and lifestyle blog for today’s curious minds. Curated by a couple of Australian millennials with curious tastebuds and an adventurous streak itching to delve into cities different to their own. Find them on Instagram here: @thetravelquandary

the travel quandary, Team Kaptain Kenny


3) Ohio2Ohayo

Authentic is the new buzzword in travel, used by people who have never been. Fidel is as authentic and real as they come. A talented writer and photographer, Fidel has sailed around the world with the Navy and offers his unique perspective on the world, as well as setting the table for social media tea. Follow his Instagram here: @ohio2ohayo

SANTORINI, Greece, Ohio2Ohayo, Team Kaptain Kenny


4) She Who Wanders

Laura has spent a good portion of the last 6 years living in foreign countries and being a wanderluster extraordinaire as much as she can. From working in a little beach town on Australia’s East Coast to sliding down an active volcano in Nicaragua, climbing up 1400 vertical wooden steps in Hawaii to sailing thousands of feet in the air behind a boat on New Zealand‘s North Island. She also features an incredible woman on her blog weekly. Find her on Instagram here: @shewho_wanders

Laura from She Who Wanders, Team Kaptain Kenny


5) What If We Walked?

Luke & Nell from ‘What if we walked?’ show how to do travel blogging from a real point of difference.  They share their experiences seeing the world on foot. Their blog details how to find out about walking: from trails to walking in cities while picking up some slow travel & living inspiration along the way. Follow them on Instagram here: @whatifwewalked

what if we walked, Team Kaptain Kenny


6) Got The Travel Bug Too

JaMeka Ramnath works full-time, has a child in school and loves to travel. She documents how this is all possible and realistic on her blog ‘Ramnaths Away’, which chronicles travel through her family’s life, her reviews, and offers bookmark-worthy tips for travellers. Follow her on Instagram: @ramnathsaway

Got The Travel Bug Too, JaMeka, Team Kaptain Kenny


7) Alyssa En Route

Her name is Alyssa and she’s 21 years old from Ontario, Canada. Alyssa is exploring the world little by little while in university, but plans to do a lot more travelling once she graduates! Find her on Instagram here: @alyssaenroute

Alyssa En Route, Team Kaptain Kenny


8) Tan Lines and Tempeh

Katja from ‘Tanlines & Tempeh’ is all about travelling the world as a vegan. In addition to vegan food guides, you’ll find vegan recommendations in other articles as well – like in this ultimate guide to exploring Sydney by foot:
Find her on Instagram here: @tanlinesandtempeh
Tan Lines and Tempeh, Team Kaptain Kenny


9) A Change of Place

Merah Filko loves getting off the beaten path, as well as unique travel experiences and seeing everything the world has to offer. If you love those things too, then you should hang around Merah’s blog. A self-proclaimed bohemian, she loves to showcase often undiscovered locations and get people to think outside the box when it comes to travel. Find her on Instagram here: @achangeofplace
Merah from A Change of Place Travel, Team Kaptain Kenny


10) My Midlands Life

Catherine from ‘My Midlands Life’ offers a travel blog focused on how you can make the most of your travel when you don’t have a lot of time in one place. It covers both work travel and holidays, and always things that fit in around a busy lifestyle. One of her most unusual and most popular pieces is that time she went to Saudi Arabia:

Find her on Instagram here: @mymidlandslife

Catherine from My Midlands Life, Team Kaptain Kenny


11) Why Not Ju

Julie is a 25-year-old girl from Norway backpacking the world writing about low budget options and sharing her adventures on her blog ‘Why Not Ju’. She spent the last two years travelling in Latin America, volunteering and working in various places. Find her on Instagram here: @whynotju_

SalinasGrandesJujuyArgentina, why not ju, Team Kaptain Kenny


12) Hoopla Adventures

Jenni Flett and Henry Lecky from Hoopla Adventures show that through seasonal work and teaching English, it’s possible to live a semi-nomadic life and work your way around the world. Their favourite article is the ‘Working Abroad and Mistakes to Avoid’ piece, which is everything they wish they had known before leaving the UK. Follow them on Instagram here: @hoopla_adventures
Hoopla adventures, Team Kaptain Kenny


13) Wild and Freelance

‘Wild and Freelance’ follows Helen’s journey as she aims to build a life that is creative, sustainable, and full of adventure. She’s based in Wales and if I may add my editor’s pick, Helen has some of my absolute favourite photography out there. Her stuff is soft, powdery and full of dreams. Follow her on Instagram here: @_helengriffiths

Helen from Wild and Freelance, Team Kaptain Kenny


14) Fly Stay Luxe

Amanda created her travel blog Fly Stay Luxe a year ago, after leaving behind a 13-year airline career to work in the family business and pursue a lifestyle that allows her to travel more. Fly Stay Luxe is an affordable luxury travel blog that features travel guides, itineraries and travel tips to help and inspire others to travel independently and enjoy the finer side of travel, without the price tag. Follow her on Instagram here: @flystayluxe
Amanda Fly Stay Luxe, Team Kaptain Kenny


15) Wild-Hearted World

Dana writes at ‘Wild-Hearted World’ and her career in travel has spanned thirteen plus years and six continents. She is well on her way to visiting every country in the world and working remotely while doing it. Follow her journey as she takes you to some seriously enviable places. Follow her on Instagram here: @wildheartedworld

Dana Brown, Team Kaptain Kenny


16) Lipstick’n’Letters

Marly runs a travel blog called Lipstick n’ Letters focusing on outdoor activities and road trips. She loves exploring faraway places as much as those close to home. As she usually has limited time to travel, she prepares thoroughly, which in itself is half of the fun and then passes those helpful tips on to readers. Marly loves long, sweaty hikes the most – especially in breathtaking national parks like pictured below at Angel’s Landing in Zion, USA. Follow her on Instagram here: @lipsticknletters

Lipstick'n'letters, Team Kaptain Kenny


17) Epic 7 Travel

Marielena is an experiential explorer who empowers adventure seekers to unlock the world’s wonders with expert travel and photography tips for unique experiences on all 7 continents. She’ll inspire you to “Live the Unforgettable” and ignite your imagination with her insights and wildlife, underwater, landscape, and aerial photography. Follow her on Instagram here: @epic7travel

Epic 7 Travel, Team Kaptain Kenny


18) Red-White Adventures

Josefine Mai Kraemer & Dominik Kropacek, a Danish-Canadian couple, provide their best travel tips including how to see the world while working from home, how to be a digital nomad and enjoying the simpler things in life. If you’re wanting to live a similar lifestyle, you can check out their blog ‘Red-White Adventures’. Follow them on Instagram here: @redwhiteadventures

DOM & JO Red White Adventures, Team Kaptain Kenny


19) Cereal For Lunch

Ling and Jace own ‘Cereal For Lunch’ which is a blog for creative travellers – lovers of art, history, culture, and colourful destinations. From their extended trip around the world, they share curated destination guides, vibrant photography, cultural attractions and art routes. Find them on Instagram here: cereal.for.lunch

Cereal for lunch, Team Kaptain Kenny


20) The Frenchie Escapes

The Frenchie Escapes is a French-Australian blog focusing on escaping everyday life for local adventures around Sydney, Australia and the world. You’ll find photos, videos and blog posts to enjoy and guide you through your next adventure. Follow her on Instagram here: @thefrenchieescapes

Marine the Frenchie Escapes, Team Kaptain Kenny


21) Find Love and Travel

Sam from “Find Love and Travel” writes in-depth travel guides and hacks based on her personal experiences around the world. The blog embodies culture, eco-travel, and photography and also explores raw and personal content and currently focuses on South-East Asia travel guides. Follow her on Instagram here: @findlovetravel
Find Love and Travel SAM, Team Kaptain Kenny


22) Ash Elsewhere

Ash is a London-based New Zealander with a love for the outdoors, travelling and blogging. She shares her travel stories (fails, successes and laughs), photographs and tips to encourage others to get out there and explore the world as well. Follow her on Instagram here: @ashleigh_elsewhere

Ash Elsewhere, Team Kaptain Kenny


23) Sophie’s Suitcase

Sophie’s Suitcase is an award-winning adventure and lifestyle blog focusing on all aspects of life. Sophie has a passion for unique experiences and you will usually find her outdoors, in nature, or exploring some of her favourite cities with a camera in her hand. Find her on Instagram here: @sophiessuitcasetravel

Sophie's Suitcase, Team Kaptain Kenny


24) Hazaar the Bazaar

Hazaar the Bazaar, which loosely translates to celebrating humanity on both an individual and global scale, is more than your regular travel blog. Written by Imogen, the blog aims to encourage travel as a catalyst for social change. Imogen believes that exploring the world through conscious eyes and creating personal experiences is key to empathy and a willingness to change. Follow her on Instagram here: @hazaarthebazaar

Imogen Hazaar the Bazaar, Team Kaptain Kenny


25) Elsewhere Traveler

Amanda from ‘Elsewhere Traveler’ has been to over 30 countries and used to live in China for a year. She’s an expat American living down under who enjoys chasing the interesting. Mongolia and Iceland are her two favourite countries and she’ll always explore the local and unusual. If you want someone to try fried scorpions with, she’s your gal. Follow her on Instagram here: @elsewheretraveler

Elsewhere Traveler, Team Kaptain Kenny


26) Beantown Traveller

Riddhi lived in Boston, also known as ‘Beantown’, with her husband for over five years before she moved back to be with her family in Mumbai, India. ‘Beantown Traveller’ is her blog which shows her love for planning trips and helping others do the same. Riddhi decided to share her travel stories and since she likes to discover the hidden and lesser known places in every city she visits, she makes it a point to incorporate that in her guides. Follow her on Instagram here: @beantowntraveller

Beantown traveller, Team Kaptain Kenny


27) The Historian Traveller

Laura is a medieval historian behind the blog and Instagram channel ‘The Historian Traveller.’ She was born and raised in Italy but has been living in the UK for many years, travelling the world one piece at a time with her husband Alessio. The Historian Traveller focuses on the promotion of cultural and historical travel throughout photography. The aim of the content is to make people appreciate new places not because of their aesthetic but because of their past and modern-day purpose. Laura’s interest in history is not just a passion. She recently completed a PhD and is currently publishing academic research on how to use medieval travel guidebooks as an instrument of historical awareness in contemporary tourism. You can find her here: @thehistoriantraveller

The Historian Traveller, Team Kaptain Kenny


28) Kesi To and Fro

Kesi is an Ivy League graduate who quit her finance job in NYC to travel around the world. She’s been backpacking for 3.5+ years visiting 60+ countries and loves to have local experiences and go off the beaten path. Follow her on Instagram here: @kesitoandfro

Kesi To and Fro, Team Kaptain Kenny


29) Dashin’ Ash

Dashin’ Ash lives in her van and is currently travelling through North America. That’s not to say that she doesn’t love the other continents though; she travels globally when she can. Right now her goal is to visit every national park in America, to truly explore her home country. Follow her on Instagram here: @_dashinash

Dashin' Ash, Team Kaptain Kenny


30) Where The Snows Go

Katryna and Andrew generally split the year between Vermont (USA) and the Netherlands, with the latter serving as a great launching point for travels around Europe and beyond. At home, both in the mountains and on the road, their adventures are driven by a shared passion for skiing, hiking, authentic local food, and off-the-beaten-track locations. They love to curate their travel tips to share with friends and family and inspire others to get out there and explore the world. Follow them on Instagram here: @wherethesnowsgo

Where The Snows Go, Team Kaptain Kenny


31) Cam on the Geaux

Cameron runs a travel blog which is fittingly called Cam on the Geaux.  She’s a southern girl at heart (from Memphis, Tennessee), but England has been her home the past two years.  She’s constantly chasing new adventures and writes about her experiences all over Europe & the Middle East.  Check out her most recent blog post titled: A first timer’s guide to Cairo. Follow her on Instagram here: @cam_on_the_geaux

Cam on the Geaux, Team Kaptain Kenny

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