Day trip from Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion: France

Bonjour mon cheri!

Yep and that’s as much French as I know from Grade 5. Thanks “Mademoiselle whoever-you-were.”

So today we show you the gorgeous, the stunning, the CUTEST little French town Saint Emilion. *** Please note that this award of cutest French town is only awarded on the premise of it producing copious amounts of red wine. ***

Yes that’s right. This little town is full of wineries and places to do wine tastings. For those who love a good red, this is your place. We were there in the summer of ’69 so as you can see it was shorts and singlet weather. Surely if you go in winter it can’t be too bad however, I must mention that it was hot, hot hot!

My delightful French friends prepared a fresh picnic with some delicious lentil and cous cous salads. There’s simply nothing better than unravelling a large picnic blanket under a French, shady tree in summer and digging in to some fresh food for lunch. Mmmmm, the memories.

As always, my pictures will endeavour to tell the story of Saint Emilion but do feel free to get in touch if you have comments or questions. I read them all!

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Thanks for reading and ciao for now.

Charming, cute and quaint. Saint-Emilion does not disappoint!
WHAT a view! I really loved it here.
A very charming place to get married, don’t you think?
My French friend took me on a tour to one of the local Hermitage wineries.
Sampling 8 local Bordeaux wines wasn’t too bad!
Come to me.
This winery was very cool. On the rooftop they had designed millions of little red glass stones to look like grapes. Stomp, stomp stomp!
Always ready to have a sip of wine.
Glass grapes display.
Overlooking the region’s wineries.
Very pretty place 🙂
We stopped here for a picnic. My friends had prepared some lovely Fresh salads and we had baguette.
Thank you for taking me here – I really loved it.
Typical France – gorgeous blue skies.
Looking down over Saint-Emilion.
I’m currently scouting for wedding locations and I’m definitely not counting this out!
Centre of town.
Hot, hot hot.
Let me in and drink your wine!
Saved the best for last.

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