Conegliano: Italy

Ciao, ciao Bellas.

Welcome to the delightful and picturesque little Italian town of Conegliano. Tucked in the top right part of Italy, this is a convenient place to stay if you wish to visit some Italian beachside towns and of course, Venice.

Conegliano (Italian: [koneʎˈʎaːno]; Venetian: Conejan) is a town and comune of the Veneto region, Italy, in the province of Treviso, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) north by rail from the town of Treviso. (Wikipedia)

We had a marvellous little stop here for ice-cream and wandered around with our cameras in tow, snapping everything we could. *** Kaptain Kenny would like to thank Elena again for her contribution towards this blog post. Your photos are lovely!

We visited this region of Italy in June and as you can imagine, it was lovely and hot. You’re virtually guaranteed sunshine and good weather anyway, so if you’re coming from a grey and dodgy-in-summer-kind-of-country, then this is for you!

As always, I’d rather let the pictures tell the story and then you might decide if this is a destination for you! But do get in touch if you have comments or questions – I read them all and respond to them all.

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Ciao for now.

A view over to the Dolomites.
Conegliano town square.
Ummmmm, it’s looking a little perfect here.
My 2 favourite Germ-gals.
Nice place for a wedding up here…
Conegliano town.
Follow the path.
Afternoon sips.
Endless little homes.
Italians always do lovely balcony displays.
Enjoying such hot heat! It’s heaven.
This country is wonky & I love it!

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