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Boat day trip on the River Rhein: Germany

Guten Morgan Kaptain Kenny readers,

To those who don’t know, I’ve lived in Germany since 2011. Yes that’s right – I gave up the sparkling and empty beaches of idyllic Australia for a life of bratwursts and bier. Why? Well for love of course…. turns out it’s still the right decision 🙂

Living in Germany is actually a strategic decision for an avid traveller. It’s extremely easy to get out of town from where we live in Frankfurt am Main. We live 4 streets from the main train station and 3 train stops from the biggest airport in mainland Europe. For this reason, I’ve been able to sooooooo much travelling in the last 4.5 years. (Ah ha!)

I realised recently that I haven’t done any coverage on poor-old-Germany on this blog so I’d like to change that. I’m starting this off with a post from one of my favourite locations to take friends and family when they are visiting. Ruedesheim am Rhein (pronounced “rude-es-hi-m”) is a cute little village on the Rhine River. It sits in a valley below a large vineyard responsible for some of Germany’s white riesling. In the summer it’s a great idea to take the cable car (or walk if you are cool) to the top of the mountain. There you can walk to a UNESCO protected monument and see a pretty spectacular view of this entire valley.

Another popular thing to do, (as shown in my pictures below) is to take a boat from Ruedisheim all the way up or down the river (whichever direction you prefer). My personal favourite is cruising in the direction of Assmannshausen simply because from the boat, you can snigger at the name and oh yeah, it’s pretty cute too.

For anyone in this region, an absolute MUST-SEE is the cute town of Boppard. Our friend owns a hotel there on the river which is gorgeous and he has a restaurant with some of the best food Germany has to offer. Get dressed up and make a night of it. Tell him Phoebe/Kaptain Kenny sent you!

As usual, I’ll let the photos tell the story but if you have any questions/comments, please get in touch. I love getting feedback from you all!

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Ciao for now.


All aboard the Rhein express in Ruedesheim!


If you love Riesling, this is your region.


Picturesque little Rhine-side villages line this river.


If you are a lover of German countryside, this should do it for you.


How on earth did they build that ‘back in the day’?


My favourite town: Assmannshausen. *Snigger snigger for you Engish speaking readers.*


Absolutely tragic haircut and I look a little special…. BUT I liked the German flag and ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ thingy in the background.


This is a large field of vineyards with a big UNESCO protected statue atop the mountain. If you are lazy and unfit like me, you can take a cable car in Ruedesheim and avoid the walk to the top. The advantage is that it goes over the vineyards and you can marvel at the grapes…. all the grapes.


Well that’s a damn fine photo!


The Rhein/Rhine river. (German spelling/English spelling)




A flag to end this post.

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    Eric michaels
    May 6, 2016 at 4:14 am

    Your blog is amazing and your photography is fantastic!! Keep up the amazing work.
    P.s. Your haircut isn’t bad and you don’t look special lol.

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