Best Town in Cinque Terre; Corniglia: Italy

Welcome to Kaptain Kenny’s coverage of Italy and its stunning region: Cinque Terre.

This was a trip we took last May, just before summer began to creep in.

The weather was still moody and unpredictable with a crisp breeze.

If you go in May, it may be warm enough but still bring a jacket.

My impressions of Cinque Terre:

  • Even in May, Rio Maggiore and Manarola were ridiculously packed with tourists. I would hate to see it in July-August-September! May was definitely a good time to go.
  • We didn’t take any public transport, rather we drove our car over a week all the way from Genoa, to Portofino, to Rapallo, to Cinque Terre and then down to the Amalfi Coast. Hold on to your hats if you are a nervous driver. Those roads in Cinque Terre are enough to make your hair stand on end. We survived, thanks to the good German driving skills of my partner however it’s not for the faint hearted.
  • Cinque Terre is mesmerising. It’s mountainous, colourful, intriguing and most of all, the locals are happy and very welcoming.

Enjoy the following photos from Corniglia and stay tuned for the photos of Rio Maggiore and Manarola.


The most picturesque little town – Corniglia in Italy’s Cinque Terre region.
The most picturesque little town – Corniglia in Italy’s Cinque Terre region.
My Ger-Man.
Enjoying the roadtrip from Portofino to Cinque Terre and being able to stop anywhere beautiful!
A woman stands in Corniglia and paints.
Scenery central here.
Roaming the streets of Corniglia.
The beauty of roadtripping is that you can stop at every delicious corner, pull out a fresh piece of bread, parma ham and a lemon and just take in the views. See next photo!
Corniglia from the top of a mountain.
Lunch: in the best place in the world.
Moody blue hues out over the water.
Wondering how the elderly manage to continue roaming the winding streets in their towns.
Cute image of Corniglia.
That’s right, I can spot our first Cinque Terre town!
Snapping away in Corniglia.
That’s another gorgeous town in the distance called Riomaggiore.

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