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Things to do in Dubrovnik: Croatia


We were a group of 8 for this trip which can sometimes be a challenge when ensuring everyone has equal say in what to do. However we managed to find multiple amazing things to do which everyone could agree on. Yay!

  • An absolute ‘must-do’ is the boat trip to Lokrum Island. It’s only a 20 minute trip from the port of the old town but it’s the best 20 minutes you can spend. Croatia is clearly famous for its crystal clear waters but wow, Lokrum was a great choice. We were here in August and it was incredibly hot and humid but having the chance to jump into this water was a dream!
  • Game of Thrones was also filmed in Dubrovnik so if you are a fan, you can do one of many GoT tours. If you prefer to save your money, you can put on your walking shoes and head towards the hill where they filmed many scenes; most notoriously where King Joffrey died.
  • For incredible food, we had quite a lot of mega-touristy-gross-hit-and-miss food but on the plus side, the biggest stand out was Pantarul. It was a 10 minute taxi drive out of the city (not expensive to get there by cab) but it has to be up there as some of the best food I’ve eaten. Foodie central! It’s also got glowing reviews on Tripadvisor so do check them out.
  • Buza Bar is an amazing bar built inside the walls of the old town. You walk through a rocky cave and come out to the outer fortress where the bar is. Go before sunset, jump from the bar into the water and come back for sunset, order a cocktail and chill out while enjoying the sea breeze.


Some little tips:

  • Croatia in general is now super touristy. This was the only downer for me – the crowds. I love getting to more undiscovered places that are a little bit hard to get to instead of major tourist destinations but if you put the crowds aside, the temperature, long days and sparking water really makes Croatia a must see destination. I’d be intrigued to go back in a less touristy month however, to see if it has a slightly different feel.
  • Do not eat inside the old town walls – all restaurants will be ordinary and overpriced.
  • Be sure to watch which water you jump into as Croatia’s waters are teeming with black sea urchins. It’s okay if you jump from a rock straight into deep enough water but if you are a wuss (like me), just invest in urchin-safe-swimming-shoes. I didn’t do this and spent a lot of the time in the water searching for urchins. It consumed my every thought. Eventually I borrowed my friend’s swimming goggles and saw that they were only stuck to rocks and the floor of the seabed so as long as you are in water, it’s all good!

Thank you for reading!


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From the boat, departing to the island of Lokrum.


The outside of the old town walls.


Lokrum Island


The boat which took us to Lokrum.


The mini harbour at Lokrum.


Wandering through the streets and admiring the doors, as usual! (I love doors.)


Enjoying some reprieve from the hot sun at the Island of Lokrum.


A look over the top of the old town. Lokrum Island is on the left.


Cobblestoned streets.


The least touristy photo I managed to take inside the walls of the old town.


This water though!


This is where we parked ourselves for the day at Lokrum – we jumped straight from these rocks into the deep, clear and refreshing water.


Loving the red rooftops.


From the square where King Joffrey died on GoT.


Laundry time.


Again, this water!


Cute buildings in Croatia.


Such a nice feel in town.


Lokrum has a beautiful and protected national park.



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