Is the Alhambra Worth Visiting? Granada: Spain

Hola! We’re still in Spain.

This time we’d like to present to you …..

La Alhambra!

In my opinion, this is Spain’s finest, if not Europe’s finest tourist attraction.

I haven’t seen such a spectacular place with such a level of grandeur before.

Do yourself a favour and book a flight to Granada PRONTO.

We’ve been staying in the most fantastic, value-for-money Airbnb apartment on top of the Albayzin quarter with a view out over the entire city. (I’m happy to send you the link if you message me for it.)

Granada is so well priced – all attractions are good value for money, the food is great and so is the weather. All in all, it’s definitely in my top 3 favourite European destinations. (Although I’ve read online & heard from locals that it’s an absolute nightmare in summer being between 40-45 degrees. Hence why we’ve decided to come in winter.)


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En route to the Alhambra.
Loving the autumn light.
La Alhambra gardens.
Nice to see some life after flying in from cold and bleak England!
Happy to be atop a mountain with sun pouring down on me.
Granada overview from the Alhambra.
Beautiful place to be.
La Alhambra.

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