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Stuttgart To Do List: Hohenheim Palace and Speisemeisterei

Stuck in Stuttgart without much to do? You may not be alone. Stuttgart is for the most part an industrial city. Are there cute little pockets? Of course – but in my opinion (and you can take it or leave it!) there would be other German towns and cities you’d visit first if it was your first trip to Germany.

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We just arrived at the palatial grounds and we’re really loving the autumn light!


Whilst Stuttgart doesn’t necessarily boast a ‘primped and primed’ centre like other German towns and cities, it certainly has easily accessible surrounds which are worthy of a day trip. This is one such example: An Autumn Must-Do in Stuttgart: Schloss Solitude

Castle Solitude (in the link above) is jaw-dropping-ly beautiful during autumn. You can take my word for it.


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Schloss Hohenheim – an 11 minute drive from Stuttgart Airport.

However on this fine day we were not only lucky to experience really memorable autumn light but we also had the chance to have a peek inside one of Germany’s most famous restaurants Speisemeisterei. (It seems like their website is only in German.) I haven’t actually eaten here so I cannot vouch for it per se but by the looks of their reviews and guests’ photos of meals, it cannot be a bad choice if you are seriously into food, wine and culinary presentation.

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The entrance to the restaurant.

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Utter decadence!

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I can imagine that this outside eating area would be lovely in spring and summer.

If this kind of dining experience isn’t quite for you, let me know what is. I have plenty of other great restaurant and cafe recommendations in Germany so just get in touch and I’ll help you out.

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Look at the light steaming in! The university palace is in the background.

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I’ll have a glass of vino please.

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When is your next big event?

Speisemeisterei –

Schloss Hohenheim
70599 Stuttgart

T +49 711 . 34 21 79 79

Interestingly, this entire area is about a 11 minute drive from the Stuttgart airport. This means if you’ve landed at Stuggi Airport and you’re feeling a bit of YOLO…. just jump into a car and these grounds will make for a lovely little ‘fresh air and photo pitstop’ before the next flight. And when I say fresh air, I mean you cannot see the airport at all. You’ll be standing atop a mountain, overlooking fields of green. I should add that purposely choosing long layovers and making the most of my ‘in-between stop’ has become a fun habit of mine. So I’m biased.

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No way – not fair that it’s only for uni students.

Hohenheim Palace –

Schloss Hohenheim
70593 Stuttgart

+49 (0)711 – 22 28 0

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Basking in the glory that is autumn. Yay for burned grass!

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By the way, a lot of people have been commenting on this coat:

Hohenheim Palace lies in the south of Stuttgart and is the former summer residence of Herzog Carl Eugen von Württemberg. In its current form, Hohenheim Palace was built on the model of Versailles.

Today, it houses parts of the University of Hohenheim. Its state rooms are open during public events (concerts and lectures), for tours (with prior registration), or during the Open Days (on the first weekend in July).

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The ‘uni student’ car park behind me. Still can’t believe this is where they get to study.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard correctly. This marvellous architectural wonder is now home to… well, uni students.

When reflecting back on the cramped and damp university rooms I had to sit inside for all those years, I must admit I’m rather impressed that some students in Germany get all the luck. When I pulled in to park the car, the entire grounds were laden with happy-go-lucky university types, frollicking in the fields basking in the afternoon autumn sunlight. I’ve decided to contact the Australian Government and ask them to build palaces for the future students of Australia. Who’s with me?

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Speisemeisterei – try saying that one you English speakers!

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I have an insane collection of coloured raincoats. It’s true.

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