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Roaming Around Miami’s South Beach

This time our journey sends you to hot and humid Miami – enjoy the pop of pastels. Miami is of course well known for its 80’s crime shows but did you also know that it’s a mere few kilometres from the sun? I had no idea I would bake as hard as I did here. Lather the cream, people!


Blue skies every day.

So what can I tell you about Miami that you don’t already know? Well during these three days, we ate one of the most fabulous dinners we’ve ever had, had acai bowls at a lovely cafe, went for a dip at South Beach and attempted to go out in Little Havana before getting a little freaked out & leaving.


Candid camera!

Under The Mango Tree –

Trust me, two things are certain in Miami. You’re going to sweat and you’re going to want to cool down. The healthiest and most interesting way to do this is to visit Under The Mango Tree. Their specialty is the acai bowl which is a bowl full of natural goodness and frozen acai mixture. Try their dragonfruit version. It was fluorescent purple!


Don’t leave without trying an acai bowl.

Cecconi’s Miami –

To date, this is one of the most scenic settings I’ve had dinner at. At night time, they turn all the candles on and you’ll see hanging fairy lights wrapped in amongst the outdoor trees. So gorgeous! We ate three courses here plus lots of wine and G&Ts. Definitely wasn’t a cheap night out but if you’re a foodie, book a table.


Dine here and you’ll love it, I promise!


Gosh we loved this place.


Best atmosphere in town.

12th Street – Famous for being part of Miami’s gay district, you can come and enjoy all things of the rainbow variety. Yay, rainbows!


A rainbow crossing.


12th Street.

Then if you just stroll around, you’ll see old-school 80’s Miami Vice style pastel colour EVERYWHERE. It certainly makes for good photos.


This part of town reminded me somehow of Havana in Cuba but in a more well-kept condition.


Everything is pink! Love it.


More pastel colours.


Daily life in Miami.


Art deco style buildings.


There was something about this scene that I quite liked.

Don’t expect to find outstanding coffee in Miami’s South Beach district. In fact, if there is good coffee, I certainly didn’t catch on to it. That’s why you’ll see me committing the ultimate sin – *gasp* STARBUCKS! :O


The mortal sin.

Miami South Beach – I guess no trip to Miami would be complete without melting walking along the beach. We made the near fatal error of leaving our apartment to check out the boardwalk and pier at around midday. I think I even audibly discovered my Irish friend’s skin crackling under the sun. Make sure you wear sunscreen, *I repeat* wear sunscreen!


At South Beach.


Classic Miami shot?


Hotness – the water, not him!


Kaptain Kenny on the right and Kaptain No-Smile on the left! 😉


I loved these little lifesaver buildings 🙂


Have you seen this place in lots of shows and movies?


If you can manage to find some reprieve from the sun, this is a delightful little place to visit!


You read it! South Pointe Park Pier.


There’s a little park here down by the pier.


Down by the South Beach Pier.


Miami South Beach.


Don’t be fooled, it’s not at all refreshing haha. It’s like hopping into a hot bath.


I was really impressed with the colour of the water, I must say!

Feel like a Miami Vice character and take a photo with the PoPo! 


Oh yeah! Excitement level 10000.

Overall I recommend Miami for a nice 3 day trip. More you won’t need. It’s great we ticked it off the list but nothing is really compelling me to return. My friend from the States did also recommend visiting Wynwood for its art and graffiti scene. Somehow we didn’t make it there which was a shame. Although I did read recently that it’s now become a Zika Virus hotspot.


Of course we flocked to the pastel pink!


“We’re going to Miami….”


Welcome to SWEAT-VILLE.

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    Lisa Loock
    September 16, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Loved IT!!!

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    Ticker Eats The World
    April 19, 2017 at 8:05 am

    If there is one place that deserves to be photographed extensively, it is this. So much colour and the sea and the beach and Art Deco being one of my favourite architectural styles it really is the place to see and be seen. Beautifully captured and looks like a perfect day for photography too.

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