Where to Find the Best Coffee in Prague

“Ahoj” Kaptain Kenny readers,

This is your go-to-guide for Prague’s best coffee. It includes some old favourites but also some brand new cafes which have only popped up in the last few weeks! I’m so excited to have found these coffee havens for you so share this page with all your Prague lovin’ friends.

EMA Espresso 

Definitely the most beautiful layout I saw while in Prague. It has a very clean, Scandinavian flair. The coffee tasted good and the baristas were really friendly and even recommended another place to me. Sharing is always caring.


EMA Espresso
EMA Espresso
EMA Espresso
EMA Espresso
EMA Espresso

Muj Salek Kavy

I wrote about this place as an ideal place to come for breakfast on my Prague Food Guide but they also have some of the best coffee in town. I hear the barista is from Melbourne so you know you’re going to get a good coffee.


Muj Salek Kavy
Muj Salek Kavy

ONE SIP Coffee

Yep that’s right, one sip and this was my favourite in town. SO delicious. The two guys who own this were friendly, chatty and gave me lots of good coffee tips for my upcoming trips to Vienna and Budapest. I tried two of their coffees, one flat white and another coffee/tonic water mix which was lovely and refreshing. I also took home a slice of cake. This place is brand spanking new so definitely give it a go!


One Sip Coffee
One Sip Coffee
One Sip Coffee
One Sip Coffee
One Sip Coffee
One Sip Coffee

Bio Oko 

I wrote about this place on my previous post regarding the more ‘alternative’ locations and areas in Prague. This space is really interesting. It’s very big, open and they play really great music too. It’s an arthouse cinema and bar at night. Definitely come check this out for something a little different.


Bio Oko
Bio Oko
Bio Oko
Bio Oko
Bio Oko

Oh no, I’ve committed the ultimate crime! I stumbled across this location, loved it – took my photos and had a coffee. I left them my business card BUT forgot to take theirs 😦

If anyone can identify the name of this place and give me a link, I’d be very grateful. The barista told me they’ve only been open for 4 days. The space is beautiful – it’s really big and perfect for big groups.

If you are at the Kotva Department store and you walk around to the left, you’ll see some food huts/stands. Keep walking down that street and that’s where you’ll find this location. I think it’s somewhere on Jakubska Street? Help!

Only 4 days old. 
A very cute space.
But what’s your name!?
Somewhere in Prague…
Flat white and brownie.
I hope someone can give me its name!
A perfect space to chill.

Thank you for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Where to Find the Best Coffee in Prague

  1. Mmmm such a good list! I can’t wait to get back to check out some of the new spots. Girl find out the name to the ‘unknown’ cafe aghhh.

    Now I’m craving coffee. Better than the beer I was craving from the craft beer post I just published haha.


      1. i did a google search for one of the images you provided and nothing. must just be too new 😦 im sure europeancoffeetrip will be there sometime soon anyways since they are located in prague vicinity… just keep an eye on their site and hopefully the name will be released 😛


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