Unterjoch, Germany and Rehbach Austria

Hiking from Germany to Austria

Guten Tag Kaptain Kenny readers,

Today we take you on a magical journey through the rolling hills of the Allgäu – Germany and Austria’s version of the ‘Alps’.

We were based in a tiny little Bavarian village of 150 people called Unterjoch. Expect to see minimal people and pretty much only German speaking tourists. This is a place so far removed from the English speaking world, it’s great!

From Unterjoch, we packed our bags and headed for the direction of Austria. After about 40 minutes of walking through picturesque, rolling hills, we came across the border of Germany/Austria. After jumping to and fro in absolute elation for what seemed like an eternity, my German boyfriend begged me to keep going . He didn’t understand the fuss. I had to explain that Australians don’t share land borders with other countries and this experience was now on par with jumping out of a plane.

Okay, fine maybe not. But still – I was excited!

Moving on now, we reached a tiny village in Austria called Rehbach where we stopped for lunch. I ordered something which seemed like it would be a pancake but what arrived was an almost 5 metre high, oily atrocity. Note to self, don’t order that again. Next time you’re in the mood for real Austrian pancakes, go for Kaiserschmarrn, it’s much safer 😉

From this point, I was taken on a whirlwind of an adventure. We hiked for about 5 hours in total that day, exploring the most beautiful area I’ve seen in quite some time. We were here at the perfect time in spring. Not only because it was warm but this area has very special wild flowers which only blossom during 2 weeks of the year. See the photos below!

So as usual, I’ll let the photos tell the story. If you have questions/comments or simply want to let me know that you’ve seen better 😀 feel free to leave me a message.

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austria 14
Ahhhh picturesque. Snow capped mountains in the background!
austria 1
Wouldn’t you like to frolic in these fields like Maria from The Sound of Music?
austria 3
The hills are alive!
austria 9
Advantage to hiking in this region: you’ll encounter gorgeous, clean lakes from time to time.
austria 5
Flowers as far as the eye can see.
austria 2
Fresh air – the best air!
austria 4
Oooh #arty
austria 8
Okay these are some of the wild flowers found during that 2 week period.
austria 7
Somewhere in Austria.
austria 10
Total silence, as you can imagine! Just you, the sun, and this tree.
austria 13
Coming across little villages like this = dreamy.
austria 15
If that water hadn’t been so freezing, I so would have jumped in!
What a beauty.
austria 32 (2)
More of those gorgeous wild flowers.
austria 22
Follow the yellow brick road.
austria 25
Can’t get enough of this region, it’s stunning.
Germany-Austria! Germany-Austria!
austria 26
Oh my goodness – wouldn’t you love a little getaway here?
austria 29
The Allgaeu – Germany and Austria’s Alps.
A beautiful sea of wild flowers.
Satin like hills.

2 thoughts on “Hiking from Germany to Austria

  1. gorgeous photos! i went to that area a few years back and i just recall how green it was. i couldnt get over it! i always admire green places because where im from turns so brown in the summer from droughts 😦


    1. I’m the same as you – for me summer is synonymous with humidity and brown dead life because it’s virtually like living in an oven. So to see such life and ‘green’ was astounding!!! Yipeeeee


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