Bonn’s Famous Cherry Blossom Street

If you’re a user of the internetz, you will most certainly have seen Bonn’s cherry tree street. What’s so special about it? If you don’t think that wandering under a giant archway of freshly blossomed petals is special, then fine.

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Very pictureworthy – Heerstrasse, Bonn.

“Every spring people are able to observe a very special natural event in Bonn. Innumerable cherry trees unfold their full bloom, transforming the narrow roads into a pink seas of flowers. The alleys are turned into an amazing tunnel of cherry blooms. This breathtaking view and stunning sight has already made a top ten landing among the Internet hit-list of the most beautiful tree tunnels.”

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Pink snow!

When you search for the geo-tag of this street (Heerstrasse) on Instagram, you’ll see plenty of Russian Instagram models standing there, under the archways with their fruit. Conveniently eating a strawberry, as if the strawberry was handed to them from the tree itself. Oh and I did I forget? The petals will still be *on* the trees.

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Petals on the floor. Ha.

So in my classic travel fashion, I was there one day too late. It’s not for a lack of trying. I have some contacts in Bonn, and when I say contacts I mean Instagrammers who kept me in the loop on the blossoming-status. My ear was kept close to the ground because of these peeps. As soon as the blossoming began, I was advised to wait a few more days. Like all good things in life you must wait.

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Definitely a little bit edited but doesn’t it look ethereal? 

After waiting a few days, my work back in Frankfurt became horrendously busy & I wasn’t able to make it up there. I decided to wait until next year, although this was now the 5th year running that I’d made such a decision. Damn you Mother Nature and your haphazard ‘circle-of-life’ patterns. You can’t just book a cherry blossom holiday a year in advance and hope for the best. That’s the beauty of it I guess. I can tell you now that last year it didn’t get warm until virtually July. This year, we had a 25 degree day in MARCH. That’s insanely unseasonable.
*YAWN* – sorry I started talking about the weather and my computer alerted me that I lost 50% of you.

Quick, I’d better get to the point.

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Asked a random stranger to take this photo for me – thanks!

To cut a really long story short…. over the Easter break we, like the rest of Germany’s 84 million people, had 4 days off. Making the most of it, we packed our things and headed straight for the Netherland’s tulip fields. And when I say ‘we’, I mean more “I” plus my poor unsuspecting-soon-to-be-husband. Well he’s already my Instagram husband but you see he’s quite unfulfilled in his role. Don’t know why. He’s rather good at it. See for yourself here. Any picture you see of ‘yours truly’ was most certainly captured by him.(Anyway, more on this tulip field experience in an upcoming post.)

Again, getting to the point in 3…2….1

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Can’t get enough of this beauty!

On the way home from this flower expedition, I noticed that Bonn aka. cherry blossom heaven was en-route back to Frankfurt where we live.

“Hey hun, do you mind if we just drive through one street in Bonn just to see whether the trees are still pink?”

“Sure, why not.”

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Heerstrasse, Bonn.

Poor soul. Little did he know he’d be threatened with a parking ticket and have to circle the block ein hundert times before I was ready to leave. (Insert that hilarious emoticon where it’s crying with laughter. Almost like it’s experiencing a case of Schadenfreude.)

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Even an ugly 70’s building looks like a gem amongst these pink petals. 

After 39 minutes of taking 132 photos of one street in Bonn, I can dust off the camera and say “I’ve seen Bonn… you know? I’ve really seen it.” (Please sound that facetious remark out in your mind in a really irritating teenage girl voice.)

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
Heerstrasse – Bonn.

So in the end, although I was a day late to the party, I can honestly say that there was a beautiful and unique charm to the streets even though the majority of the petals were on the ground. Meaning: there’s usually a silver lining to any situation that seems disappointing at first.

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These petals make this car look like a Maserati.  

What do you think? Have you seen this street too? Are there any other places like this in Germany which are yet to be discovered? (I understand if you don’t want to impart this knowledge. Go on then. Keep it to yourself.)

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset
Heerstrasse – Bonn.

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Processed with VSCO with c6 preset
Heerstrasse – Bonn
Processed with VSCO with c6 preset
Thanks for reading!

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