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A Day Trip to Johannisberg Castle in Geisenheim

Schloss Johannisberg

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Do you love locations which are 50 percent winery and 50 percent castle? If so and you happen to find yourself in a large, central German city like Frankfurt, Koblenz, Wiesbaden or Mainz and you’re stuck for things to do, you could look into visiting Schloss Johannisberg for a half day trip.

We drove from Frankfurt and it only took us 50 minutes. It’s quite a lovely place – atop a hill overlooking Germany’s famous Rheingau or the Riesling Valley as we often refer to it in English.

If you’re a fan of typical German food, you’re going to get along quite nicely with the kiosk-style food they offer here at their beer garden. Sadly, I’m not a fan of the old Wurst, nor do I happily munch on Kraut which means I left with an empty stomach. (We were only stopping by anyway, so no big deal!)

They do have a lovely wine shop as this place is not only castle grounds but also a winery. Do yourself a favour and go into the shop and have a small tasting of their wines. We picked up some lovely local Rieslings AND a delicious balsamic wine vinaigrette which to date I still use in every single salad dressing I make. I learned that they’ve been making wine here for 900 years so I’m pretty sure they’ve mastered the art so far.

Enjoy the small series of photos below & if you have any feedback, get in touch!

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Johannisberg Schloss


There are PLENTY of other lovely winery restaurants nearby – so if you want, you can keep guzzling on Riesling all day long.


Johannisberg Castle.


Johannisberg Castle


The homes in this area are very cute and probably what first timers in Germany want to see. This style of home is called Fachwerkhaus in German.


Admittedly we were here at the end of winter but it’s still a lovely view of the valley nonetheless.


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  • Reply
    Christie Dietz (@asausagehastwo)
    September 5, 2016 at 8:49 am

    They have a proper restaurant as well as a beergarden (not that I even knew they had a beergarden), I ate there quite a few years ago for a special occasion but it’s still got a really good reputation – is pretty fancy though, with prices to match. Worth it if you’re after a posh dinner with an amazing view though!

    • Reply
      September 5, 2016 at 9:21 am

      Yes now that you mention it, I think I walked inside the restaurant desperately trying to find a bathroom! It was indeed posh 🙂 Nice to know readers can find both options there, thanks Christie!

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