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The Surprisingly Foodie City of Gdansk; Poland

“Dobry wieczór” and welcome to our next ‘foodie’ instalment of Gdansk; Poland.

I have to say, I haven’t been so inspired to write a blog post like this for a while. When I think of my food and coffee experience in Gdasnk, I simply ooze with positivity! For that reason, I hope you enjoy the series of photos as much as I enjoyed taking the photos.

If you decide to visit any of these restaurants after reading my blog, feel free to let me know what you thought of them! I think that information sharing is caring 🙂

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So let’s start with my first restaurant.

Mercato Restaurant:

Open 12.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m
80 – 838 GDAŃSK
+48 58 77 87 442

Now before you roll your eyes at the discovery that this restaurant is underneath and part of the Hilton, do not be fooled! It was anything BUT stuffy or expensive. In fact, this was my favourite food experience on my entire trip through Eastern Europe.

The waiter was impeccably friendly and helped me to make some great food decisions. For the entire evening, I sat by myself quite happily and took in the passing views of Gdank’s harbour, while tasting 3 courses and having 3 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

(In order to show you how inexpensive Poland can be, this was a great restaurant of very high quality – for my entire evening, I think I spent around 55 euros not including a tip. Where I’m based in Frankfurt, you’d get 2 glasses of wine and a salad for that price! Or the meal I had in Gdansk would be three times the price in Frankfurt.)


Mercato – in my opinion, Gdansk’s best restaurant.


Mercato’s concept.


Lovely interior.


Freshly caught Baltic Sea fish with broad beans – such a lovely and refreshing meal.


Quite happy to be at my table, taking photos of my experience there.


Next up on the menu! Roasted quail with millet, pumpkin puree and caramelised carrots. Yum!


This was some type of yoghurt ice-cream combined with a mousse/nutty filled biscuit. It was nice but my first two courses were more surprising.

Next up on my list…. a pleasant coffee find!

Drukarnia Cafe:

Kawiarnia, w centrum miasta
Gdańsk, ul.Mariacka 36

Well, we all know how much of a coffee and more specifically *flat white* fiend I am. After doing a bit of research, I found out that Gdansk’s coffee scene wasn’t yet too big. I knew I could rely on this place though – coffee lovers had been here and said it was definitely the best in town. Not wrong! Nice service, the barista knew a lot about coffee & the scene in Europe and they had lots of other things for sale. One which stands out in particular was a furnishing and design book compiled by some local interior designers, so if you’re looking to support locals, you could head into this cafe and grab a book. I guess it would make a lovely coffee table book!

***I should add that these guys also have a coffee caravan project in one of the galleries in Gdansk. More about that at the bottom of the post. ***


This barista was awesome!


I asked for an extra large coffee to keep me going during the day, but I had some normal sized flat whites too and they were lovely.


Great design and coffee books.

Interested in buying these books? Click below:


What’s on the menu? Something I’ve been trying a lot recently is the ‘Espresso Tonic’ which is, you guessed it, a strong shot of espresso with tonic water. Nice and refreshing for summer and all the European coffee speciality shops are doing it.


Drukarnia has a large space – a terrace area facing a cute little street in Gdansk, the inside ground floor and an upper floor.


A must-drink while in Gdansk!

Moving on now to another lovely location…..

Szafarnia 10 Restaurant –

Szafarnia 10
ul. Szafarnia 10, Gdańsk 80-755
58 600 85 00 / 58 733 60 02

Well admittedly, I only came here for a juice on the balcony. Partly because I wanted to check it out in case I chose to have dinner here and partly because I’d just done a 6 hour walking tour with an 83 year old Polish guide and I was exhausted!

The interior is GORGEOUS and I can attest to this being a really lovely place for a couple’s or group dinner. I looked at their menu and it all looked great. Had I stayed one extra night, this would have been my next dinner choice.


Szafarnia 10


What a view! Situated right on the harbour, this is a place you cannot miss.


My little juice – I think it was beetroot, ginger and mint.


Szafarnia 10.

Dinner on night number 2 was……

Zafishowani –

Hours: Daily 11.00-23.00

Kitchen is open from 13.00 to 22.30

Address: ul. Tokarska 6, 80-888 Gdańsk

(entrance from Długie Pobrzeże Street)


During operation hours by phone 661511811 or email

Ooooh another great choice! I was so relieved to get a table at short notice here. The food was really tasty and the service was just as great as the first night at the other restaurant too. Geez Poland, you really know how to wait on your guests, nice!

As you can see, this is another lovely space – perfect for any type of dinner and there was a lot on their menu which I wanted to eat. I believe they specialise in seafood, in particular fish – which is what I ordered. If I come back to Gdansk, I’ll definitely return.


Zafishowani’s interior.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

My first dish – a raw salmon tartare.


I sat right here for my solo dinner!

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

My second dish was a salmon fillet with lentils and capers. I hope my photo does it justice because it was de-licious.


Zafishowani – Gdansk.


My desert did take a little while to arrive because the first time it hadn’t been cooked properly. Didn’t matter though because eating it in the end was delicious!

Last but not least food wise….

Mono Kitchen:

Piwna 28/31
80-831 Gdansk
+48 508 460 668

This place was a lovely final surprise! I was looking for something relatively healthy before departing for the airport. As I’d been climbing the main church tower, once I reached the foot of the building, I decided to take a small back street home instead of the main shopping and eating street. Good choice alert! I had two really tasty meals here and honestly, it was such good value for money.


This was a bulgur salad with roasted rhubarb – delicious. But I should have stopped after this meal, it was filling.


Very nice interior and trendy – Poland you are cool!


Got a green smoothie too.


Definitely didn’t need to order this final meal as I was already full BUT it was delicious nonetheless. Crispy goats cheese with chicory and pumpkin.

Cafe Buzz – a side project by Drukarnia cafe


I didn’t actually have a coffee at this place but I thought the space was cool and worth photographing in case you’d like to go back and check it out. It’s owned and run by the lovely guys at Drukarnia coffee. Yay!

This is a mobile cafe selling coffee and tea but it is worth catching just to see the vehicle. Trading out of a beautifully restored and adapted 1958 Citroen HY, the coffee is very good and the taste is somehow enhanced from the fact you’ve been served it out of such a classic looking vehicle.



Cafe Buzz – This cool coffee space is within a large gallery.

And last but not least, I should mention that I had a lovely gazpacho soup at a small harbour-side cafe called: “Neighbour’s Kitchen

I do wish I’d had a chance to eat something proper there but I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I just stopped for the soup. I liked the vibe – it was relaxed, by the harbour and the interior was really lovely.

Neighbour’s Kitchen Gdańsk
Szafarnia 11/U12 (Waterlane)
pon. – sob.: 08:30 – 22:00
niedz.: 09:00 – 20:00
tel.: 730 008 707

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