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Cesky Krumlov the Gorgeous (UNESCO) Czech Village

‘Ahoj’ fellow Kaptain Kenny readers and Czech out my 2nd last instalment from the Czech Republic. (My last Czech post will be on the beautiful architecture in Prague.)

Cesky Krumlov is a city in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. It’s bisected by the Vltava River, and dominated by its 13th-century castle. The castle has Gothic, Renaissance and baroque elements, an 11-hectare garden and an original 17th-century baroque theatre. There are panoramic views of the old town and the river from the top of its round bell-tower.

(This basically means that for anyone who loves quaint-as-anything towns, this is your place!)

This has been an amazing trip for many reasons:

  • Czech people are extremely friendly, open and happy to have a chat with you.
  • This town is tourist-friendly, everyone speaks English and it’s pretty cheap.
  • There are many viewpoints around town to be able to take stunning photos.
  • It’s surrounded by rolling green hills, medieval architecture and the river Vltava which you can actually have quite a lot of fun on.
  • It’s possible to hire a blow up boat or kayak, (minimum 2 people) and many companies will take you 20 minutes out of town, drop you into the river in your boat and you’ll paddle down stream for 1-4 hours. (However long you want to do it.) Along the way, you’ll stop at little bars by the river, grabbing Czech food and Czech beer. During your paddle back to Cesky, you’ll have to navigate your way through a minimum of 4 rapids. This is both scary, dangerous and fun at the same time. Something tells me the combination of sun, rowing and drinking wouldn’t be allowed back home in Australia which is probably why you’ll see a heap of Aussies letting loose. Some behaving rather badly, so shame on those guys! 🙁
  • Bohemia used to be a kingdom in this region (Prague was/is the capital city) and now I believe it’s a province or state in the Czech Republic. You can find many restaurants around town offering Bohemian style dining & meals. AKA, you can sit in a man cave, drink beer and eat copious amounts of meat like a king. Fun!
  • There are plenty of things to do – the river boating activity, walk to the castle and walk through the entire grounds without paying AND you can still have that famous view. If you want an even higher view, climb to the top of the tower for about 1 euro and you can experience a 360 degree panorama of Cesky Krumlov.
  • The EASIEST way to get from Prague to Cesky Krumlov is to take the door-to-door CK Shuttle service. It’s around 900 CZK for the trip which is ridiculously cheap considering they pick you up at any address, take you to your hotel/hostel AND the trip itself is still around 3 hours.

Have a look at the photos below & see if you might like to visit Cesky Krumlov for your next visit. I know I’m usually pretty enthusiastic about my trips but this was a real gem. What a cute place. Worth the visit, promise!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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What a dream!


Standing from the top of the tower. (You can’t miss it.)

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Some of these river ‘rapids’ you’ll take your boat through. 

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A bunch of houses by the river. See the kayaks and the blow up boat?

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Town Square – I stayed at Hotel Grand which was around 50 euros a night. (But I got a good deal.) The female receptionist Zuzka was the sweetest, kindest and most hard working gal I’ve ever met!)


There’s a big water mark on my lens here (sorry) but this is where you’ll finish your boat trip. 


See the pink and white building on the right with the red roof? This is the company which offers the boat hire. The staff members were all very helpful and friendly. There’s a cobblestone street right next to this building full of street art. Click here if you want to see a blog post on that street. 


We braved the rain and did this paddle – it took us about 2 hours and we were good girls, we only had one beer each. This means we win extra stars compared to the other Australians in town.

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From inside the castle grounds. All of this is free! You don’t need to pay to walk around.




Isn’t it dreamy?


Pretty happy to have this 360 degree view.


Cesky Krumlov <3


Some of the cute little streets you’ll see while here.


This is one of the main roads which will take you into town. There’s a cafe just down the end of the photo called ‘Kolektiv’ which had nice salads and drinks.


Stahp. Beauty alert.


Follow the yellow brick road.


This river goes through the entire town. Scenery central!


This little passageway is at the very bottom of the castle grounds.


Photo of the day! That church is perfectly in the middle.


Look for this tower and you can climb to the top to get that panorama view.


Another perspective of the tower.


From above the castle grounds.


This is the place where you can take wonderful photos for free.


Rainy but still cute.


This street follows all the way down with lots of street art on the buildings.


Nice 🙂


The very beginning of town.


Like a little Christmas village.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

In love! :O

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