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Where to Get the Best Views of Prague

‘Ahoj’ Kaptain Kenny readers and welcome to my second instalment of ‘Prague’ in the Czech Republic.

So you’re in Prague and you’ve noticed HOW MANY tourists there are. Much to your dismay, you’re also a tourist and you’re wondering where you will manage to find the best snaps of Prague without other people.

Have a look below!

(Just a short post for today but hopefully the photos will help with your decision making. If you’re looking for a post on the Prague Castle itself and whether it’s worth going, click here.)

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Ciao for now.

Prague Castle Hill


Taken from the top of the Prague Castle hill. It’s a mighty walk to the top or if you’re lazy, you can take the tram.


Definitely worth the trip up here!

Letna Park Beer Garden


A very easy 10 minute walk out of the old town Prague 1 region and you’ll find yourself in a park on top of a hill. 


Letna Park is sweet and a nice place to come and chill if you need to escape the tourists.


Taken from the top of Letna Park.


And another perspective from Letna Park. The main attraction to making your way up here, is that you’ll be close to Prague’s region 7 which is a very underground and hip area with plenty of amazing boutiques and coffee shops. (A post on that coming soon!)

Prague’s Region 7


Prague’s region 7 is cool, grungy and void of tourists. This street is a 5-10 minute walk from Letna Park. 

Kotva Department Store – Rooftop Bar and Restaurant.


No way! What an insider tip. Walk to Prague’s ugliest building, Kotva Department Store and instead of going inside, turn left and find the little elevator. You’ll probably be jumping in with Czech locals as I didn’t find a single tourist up there. Press ‘level 5’ and once the doors open, you’ll be treated to a spectacular and alternative view of Prague.


From Kotva Department Store’s rooftop. 


From Kotva Department Store’s rooftop bar and restaurant. 


Lucky me to have been able to eat my lunch here! And in total peace too – only with locals.


Photo of the day!

Prague Castle Hill


This was already mentioned above but this is another photo for you.


Very cute up here.


Happy I was able to find some nice spots in Prague!

Manesuv Bridge
Manesuv Bridge looking up at the Prague Castle.



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