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Alternative Places in Prague’s Letna Area/ District 7

‘Ahoj’ and welcome to a new piece on Prague, this time from the Letna District or as it’s called on maps, District 7. (Which sounds a little like The Hunger Games but hey, I never went hungry here.)

I’ll admit it – I was inspired to write this piece and to go discover this area as I’d found this Prague blog page….

This area lived up to its name! I’d read that it was a little more grungy, alternative and ‘hip’ compared to other more traditional areas in Prague and I knew it’d be the perfect choice to escape those pesky Prague tourists.


Letna Park Beergarden

I was staying in District 1 (in the old town) and it was a really close walk to Letna Park. Head towards Letna and in about 10 minutes you’ll be in the park with a beautiful beer garden.


The view from the top of Letna Park beergarden.


Bio Oko

From here, I typed Bio Oko into Google and followed my way there. I knew I wanted to see this place because I’d heard they had good coffee and that the space was cool. It’s actually an arthouse cinema which turns into a bar at night.

I was lucky to be the only one sipping on coffee while there which meant I could take plenty of photos.


What a space! 


Bio Oko.


Bio Oko.


Bio Oko.


Bio Oko.

District 7 is worth seeing as it’s more ‘local’ and gives you a total breath of fresh air away from the madness of the Old Town.


District 7


District 7


Jakoby – by Kristyna Javurkova

Complete elation when I stumbled across this store! What a find 🙂 The girl working in the shop was really friendly, spoke perfect English and helped me by writing down some other places I could visit in the area.


Czech design pieces – A real find this store.


That backpack with string made of recycled denim? Yep, I’ll take one of those.


Ahhh regrets. I SO nearly bought one of those wool pieces. It was a real find – I wish I could go back :*


Very friendly service! Thank you for the nice chat.


Just loved this place. 


My happy purchase.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

This is why I always chat to locals in shops and cafes and restaurants. They always have the best recommendations.


Koncept Story

This was on the handwritten recommendation note which I had received at the previous store. This store is a joint venture between 10 designers and artists who make everything from jewellery, to clocks to clothing and eyewear. Wow. It was a visual delight!


Koncept Story


Koncept Story 


Koncept Story 


Koncept Story


Koncept Story

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