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Where to eat, shop and drink in Lviv, Ukraine

Zdravstvuyte‘ and welcome to a journey all things ‘fun’ related in the coffee capital of the Ukraine – Lviv.

To those who have been following my Lviv journey, you’ll know that my previous post was all about the incredible cafes in Lviv. This time, I’d like to share some lovely moments I had in Lviv when shopping & eating out.

Have a look at the pictures below – hopefully it will inspire you to visit this cool city.

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  • Rhizome Store: This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had shopping! Let me explain how we came across this lovely store…. My friend and I had been in a taxi and the driver didn’t want to take us to where we wanted to go. Instead, he dropped us off at the top of a main road, we hopped out and started walking in the direction of the old town. All of a sudden it started to rain and Rhizome Store (a gorgeous local boutique) appeared out of the blue. Wanting to escape the rain, we marvelled at its products from outside & made the decision to go inside. In total, we spent about an hour here and bought 10 pieces in total. The owner Tanya was incredible – she was kind, helpful and interested in hearing what our Lviv experience had been like so far. All the products she sold were made in the Ukraine and designed by young Ukrainians. It was a really great shop to support!

Rhizome Store – Facebook

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Rhizome Store


Rhizome Store – in total I bought 2 necklaces, a bottle of perfume from Odessa, a jacket and a dress.


What a lovely shopping experience!


If you go shopping in the Ukraine, you can expect to pay far less for your handmade designer pieces than you would in Germany for example. It’s so affordable and you can almost be guaranteed that no one will have your pieces back home!

  • The Green Cafe: This place has great salads and smoothies! If you want to get away from typical Ukrainian cuisine and try something a little healthier, this is a really nice alternative. I had their green smoothie and it was delicious. Address: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 5, Lviv. Green Cafe – Facebook

What a sweet space!


Green Cafe – Lviv.


A must do if you enjoy healthy food 🙂

  • Delicateka – This was a recommendation from Tanya, the owner of Rhizome Store. We told her we were in the mood for foodie-food, something healthy and tasty. Delicateka was our answer. It has a very nice fit-out and is the kind of space where you can just chill for a long time. I had a lovely salad – with rocket, dried meat and berries. They had a really delicious homemade lemonade or fruit drink with ginger which was a great choice too. Delicateka – Facebook



It wasn’t sunny enough to warrant sitting outside but the interior of Delicateka was really impressive anyway!


Super cool interior.


A lovely inside space.


Delicateka, Lviv – Ukraine.


You would expect to see a place like this in London or New York! Lviv is surprising in so many ways.

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This was a lovely little cafe to sit at. It was called Fresca and we ordered a really beautiful red Georgian wine here.

More cute establishments which Lviv has to offer.

  • Sister’s Dress Gallery – This was another interesting little boutique we found in Lviv. Admittedly, I’m not normally into vintage-style clothing BUT I found lots of cute little items here. The service was friendly and the shop itself was very interesting! In the end my favourite purchase here was a beautiful handmade linen collared shirt (in the men’s section!) which I am planning to wear open as a jacket with silk shorts in the summer. (It reminded me of some similarly collared shirts I once found in Portofino, Italy for 1000% the price.)

Sister’s Dress Gallery – Lviv.


Not vintage or secondhand! All brand new clothing here.


Certainly a cute little store and a real must-see.


Another thing to do when in Lviv…. a lot of pensioners have tough lives in the Ukraine. Many locals told us that they don’t get enough pension money to live off so it’s quite common to see little grandmas selling bunches of wild flowers on the street. We bought some from a lovely old lady for about 90 cents and she was delighted.


Pick up a beautiful handmade piece of traditional clothing while in Lviv. This shop was close to “The Green Cafe” in Lviv. I bought a handmade leather and felt necklace here and my friend bought a Ukrainian top. Beware of some fakes made in China so ensure you shop at a real place!

The traditional dress of Ukraine is a centuries old unique and distinctive emblem of the Ukrainian culture. This dress has developed after the tremendous variation due to its association with the early Slavonic domination, during which many materials were introduced by the cloth merchants. The traditional dress of Ukraine is also full of ornamental designs, fantastic embroidery and remarkable exposition. Even today, the national dress of Ukraine is hand woven and fabulously decorated. The embroidery is an ancient practice which is applied to the traditional dress of Ukraine and it is varied from region to region in the country, embellished with the antiquated motifs and harmonic arrangements full of colours and exotic stitches. 

Lonely Planet – Traditional Ukrainian Clothing.

  • Lviv Beer Theatre – Wow – what a fun place! This is absolutely pumping with music, life and of course, BEER! I ordered a couple of the local brews (one which was brewed with cherry and another plain beer) and both were delicious and mighty strong. Both nights we visited there was great music too. This is quite the hub in Lviv. Conveniently found right at the main square, you simply cant miss this place. Lviv Beer Theatre
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The Beer Theatre has a restaurant, bar and shop section.


Again, you could seriously expect to see a loft styled venue like this in NYC, but Lviv, you’ve done it again. Cool!


Enjoying my beer and beetroot salad.


3 floors of fun!


Nadja wearing her beautiful new Ukrainian designed outfit from Rhizome Store and holding a bunch of lovely flowers bought from a Ukrainian granny.


This street is part of the Armenian quarter – lots of cute cafes, bars and restaurants here.


If you find the “Palace Potocki”, you are well on your way to discovering some of Lviv’s best coffee.

Lviv, Ukraine

This cafe <3 was one of my favourites. Black Honey – (I also wrote about this on my previous blog.)

Lviv, Ukraine

This was another of my favourites – Alternative Coffee. (It’s also featured on my last blog post on Lviv’s best coffee.)

Lviv, Ukraine

This is a great place to eat, drink coffee and shop! “Something Interesting” is a cafe but right next door, they sell gorgeous handmade pieces including jewellery.

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