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Is Benidorm just jam-packed with Brits?

Benidorm, Spain

Hola amigos!

Welcome to another instalment of Kaptain Kenny, this time from the holiday resort town of Benidorm, on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

When you google Benidorm, you see comments like this: “It would be a hard task trying to locate your spot on the beach amid this mass of humanity in Benidorm.”

We were just stopping by on a day trip from Valencia to Calpe, however this would definitely be the last place I’d choose to spend my precious holidays. Why? Well it’s trashy, cheap and run down. And absolutely full of British tourists who come for the sun. Now before the English get irritated by my comments, I have absolutely nothing against British tourists but as I was in SpainI didn’t feel like it was authentic Spain. Sorry!

The ‘promenade’ was laden with bar/restaurant after another – all promising menus in English. Particularly gut wrenching was seeing that they all offered ‘an English breakfast’. Groan……

Personally, if you are like me, you come to a foreign country to be amongst locals and to try new food and speak a new language. For this reason, Benidorm gets a big, fat, red cross from me. We tried to take the best photos possible – and admittedly when I look back at them, some are indeed sweet. But again, this is no place I’d be paying to stay at. Spain has SO many other amazing options. (Granada/Seville/Valencia/San Sebastian to name a few….)

*** Disclaimer, I have British friends, relatives and British blood so you are not allowed to get cross with me for the things I’ve said 🙂 ***

So that wraps things up! I hope you can at least see the humour behind this post & take my advice. Spain is amazing in general.

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Very deceiving – this photo actually makes Benidorm look nice.


This was just before the tourists woke up to get to the beach.


BLISTERING hot sun, how do these flowers survive?


I have to say, I do like this photo.


Just a casual Titanic moment.


Jail time.


Wearing my beach moo-moo. For people with British/Irish skin who need to stay out of the sun.


My Belgian friend Lien who is all things Spain obsessed, was quite happy here 🙂


Okay fine – this picture isn’t too bad either. Hmmm maybe when the tourists aren’t there, it’s quite a nice spot?


Holiday homes up the hill.


Welcome to ‘paradise’? Sorry Benidorm, we think not 🙁


This town may have been underwhelming but at least I had my amigos.


Hello Jan.


Lien is way too excited to be here! Hahaha…


Doesn’t really look half bad here.


Amigas for life!

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