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The Best of Trinidad: Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Hola amigos!

Today we present to you…. without a doubt… Cuba’s most fascinating city – both historically and visually.

But I have a huge, huge favour to ask you.

You know when you click on a link and you get bored after 30 seconds? Well it’s going to take you longer than 30 seconds to look at all these photos. I think there are around 55 in here. I’m sorry! I tried my best to keep the most boring ones out but Trinidad was such a photogenic city that I feel personally attached to each photo.

Will you promise me that you’ll give this post your complete attention? (Insert angel face.)

Historically, Trinidad flourished in the 1800’s due to slave labour from African countries. We went to the slavery museum and I was appalled to learn about this aspect of Trinidad’s history. The Spanish were responsible for some insane atrocities and these practises went on for far too long.

Slavery in Cuba

Slavery in Cuba was particularly profitable for its slave owners after the Haitian Revolution; after 1804 the newly independent state of Haiti retreated from the global sugar market as its residents chose to focus on subsistence farming, and Cuba took its place as the largest sugar producer. By the mid-19th century, due to the British pressure to abolish slavery, plantation owners transported more than 100,000 Chinese workers. But they were held in conditions not very different from the ones of the African slaves.


These days, Trinidad is a colourful and lively city. Its houses are stunning and very memorable. I did find the locals to be very friendly but they were somehow a tiny bit more pushy here than in other Cuban cities. There were a lot more people here asking for money and gifts (i.e shampoo/soap etc.) than in other cities and we were ripped off in a bar once.

But that’s absolutely no reason to avoid it! In fact, it was my favourite Cuban city so….

Vamos! Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think 🙂

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First meeting point of our Trinidad walking tour. It’s early in the morning so no one is around.


Our Casa Particular. Even though our host family was a bit distant, we were given a drinks menu and could order beers anytime, so that was cool!


Love this!


Colour central here.


Another life in the day of Trinidad.


The entire centre of Trinidad is paved with cobblestones.


Anyone want to buy a cigar?


Trinidad is famous for having coloured iron gates or window frames. It’s part of its colonial style.


Even though it was stinking hot, there was always a shady part of the street to take refuge in.

Trinidad picture of the day!

Trinidad, Cuba

The main square where you can use ‘the internet’.

Just chilling.

Trinidad, Cuba

I used this bike service once when I got lost. It turned out to be a great idea because I chatted to the guy for 30 minutes in my basic Spanish and he showed me some sites along the way!

Trinidad, Cuba

Or is this my photo of the day?

Trinidad, Cuba

This is a school – see the Che Guevara poster at the end of the hall? He’s a national hero.


More of the colonial style iron gates which are typical of Trinidad.


Colour blocking before it was cool!


Nice way to get around.


Life is tough.


Shadow and light.


Visually, Trinidad is probably Cuba’s most inspiring and gorgeous city.


Some kids playing.


Classic cars!


Don’t worry she’s not incarcerated. That’s a museum.


We were based very close to this square.


Someone’s front door.


Handshake or deal?


Donkey times.


Oh Trinidad was a real beauty!


Loveeee the colours here with that sky as the backdrop.


If you make your way to this area, there’s a great bar where you can buy the local drink “Canchanchara.”


Every corner brings a new photo op: sigh*


Check out those Cubans in the back!


The drink of death! CANCHANCHARAAAAAA


Get yourself to this bar in Trinidad, it’s fun.


Another little car poking out.


Blue steel.


Daily life in Trinidad.


They see me rollin’.


I have no idea what those people are all filming on the left!! I think it was a salsa class.


That’s right, so don’t do anything bad.


Thank you for scrolling through and making it all the way to the bottom of this blog!

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