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The colours of Vinales: Cuba

Vinales, Cuba

Hola amigos!

Today we take you on a walking tour through the Vinales Valley tobacco fields in Cuba and we finish the day by having dinner at the amazing “La Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso”.

We began this walking tour from the centre of Vinales and then we went walking through the fields and countryside for around three hours. It was a lovely day and great chance to learn about the local flora and fauna of Cuba. If you also want to do a tour, head to the main square in town and there’s an information centre where you can find out about local tours. You can also click here to find out more about tours offered in Vinales.

As part of the tour, we visited a Cuban family who owned a small tobacco plantation. (See below.) They took us on a personalised tour through the tobacco drying room and then showed us how they roll their cigars. The way they do it is a family tradition and it’s been like that for many generations.


After the walking tour was over, we went home to freshen up and then went for dinner at Vinales’ one and only 100% organic farmhouse which has the most incredible view of the mountains. The restaurant is called Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso and you would be a fool to visit Vinales and pass up a chance to eat here and experience the view.

Make sure you ask for a ‘no stress’ as your drink. It’s some kind of hybrid of coconut water, pineapple juice, mint, basil, lemon and rum. My goodness, three of those and I was verrrrry happy!

(To learn more about this organic farm, I’ll link you to two videos at the bottom of this post.)

We learned while on this tour that these mountains in Cuba are also similarly found in Vietnam and have the same appearance.

So enjoy the photos, the colours and the journey through Vinales Valley.

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We started the day by driving to this viewpoint to have a spectacular lunch.


Life in the Vinales Valley.


These triangular huts are where the tobacco leaves are stored and dried for years before they are turned into cigars.


Insane scenery!


Look how friendly Cubans are! I wanted to lend him my tooth though :*


“Paradise Village”


If you want a really rustic experience, you could stay here as part of the Casa Particular programme.


More delicious scenery from the valley.


Cute little Casa.


So this is where the Cuban tobacco is stored and dried. These little huts feature all over the tobacco fields.


This guy was the grandson of the tobacco farm and showed us how he rolls the cigars. There’s quite an art to it!


There are 3 levels inside these tobacco huts. Don’t ask me which is which but each level stores tobacco used for different purposes.


“Paradise Village”


A real cigar pro.


Every day life.


Washing day.


Just tried a cigar – it wasn’t that easy 🙁 Took too much concentration haha.


Strolling through the valley.


The view from the gorgeous organic farm.


Can you imagine eating here??? With that view???


With ze Germ.


The organic farm and restaurant is run by 20 people who are all part of the same family. It’s 100% certified organic.


Yep tonight’s dinner location was right on the money.


Happy to be eating fresh and healthy food


Goodbye Vinales Valley!

Click the next two links to watch two videos about the organic farm!

Cuba Tour- Organic Farm in Vinales, Pinar del Rio

La Finca Agroecologica el Paraiso Vinales


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