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Beaches near Venice: Caorle; Italy

Ciao Kaptain Kenny readers,

This time we are taking you to the small Italian seaside town of Caorle.

This was part of an Italian ‘girls’ trip which we did with some friends. Before coming to Caorle, we’d been to Conigliano and Venice and this was our final pitstop.

Caorle was nice enough – I mean, it had a nice and colourful centre, good weather and a few small bars and restaurants to visit. But in all honesty, you can get the same anywhere else. I’m not someone who is going to write and tell you that every place I see is stunning and a ‘must-see’. Sorry Caorle!

I do know plenty of Europeans who really like this part of Italy’s coast but in my opinion, Cinque Terre is more spectacular. I’ve also been told that Italy’s east coast (as in directly opposite Croatia) is much more beautiful.

The aim of this blog is to list as many locations under each country so that when you are researching and looking for a potential place to holiday, you’ll be able to have a good overview of many different regions which ultimately might influence your holiday planning.

So in saying that, I’ll let you have a look at the photos and see for yourself if you are a fan of Caorle or not 🙂

*** Special thanks to Elena Frank for contributing to these gorgeous photos. Your camera is divine! ***

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Like all good holidays, it starts off nicely with a stiff drink in hand!


The sun setting against the beach.


Nice coloured water around this part of the beach.


Yes we are wearing bizarre clothing, it was a dare!


Elena enjoying her ice-cream quite a bit!


Like all Italian seaside towns, they can be pretty touristy and built for package deals. Not particularly beautiful as an Australian who prefers wide, open and empty beaches. Whatever floats your boat!


I really love the colours in this photo!


End of the day – a serene setting!


Great spot to be located! Right at the beach.


Colour in Caorle!


Part of the dare was to wear funny clothing and ride this bike. It was quite fun actually!


Sunshine! Happy days.


Cooling down with a nice spritz in our ‘dare’ clothes.

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