Palma de Mallorca; Balearic Islands

Hello Kaptain Kenny readers,

This time I have some photos from Mallorca’s capital to upload.

Unlike my ‘usual’ style of loving and adoring every location, I can honestly tell you to give this city a big, fat miss!

If you want to visit Mallorca, you only need to bother with the secluded beaches (which are typically hard to access) and the town of Valldemossa. (Click those blue links to see photos from these locations.)

My complaint is only due to the fact that the hustle and bustle of tourists isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Regardless, enjoy the few photos I have to share with you!

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Palma de Mallorca’s main attraction for me was the rooftops as that was the only chance to get a photo without a tourist!

Palma de Mallorca’s cathedral.

Roaming the streets.

Avoiding photographing the streets. (Because they aren’t too beautiful… Sorry Mallorca!)

Palma de Mallorca.

Rooftops again…..

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