Diving at Baie Ternay Marine National Park, Mahe; The Seychelles

For those of you who know me well, you know I love holidays without many tourists. I love peace, quiet, solitude and I simply ADORE clear, blue water.

The Seychelles for that reason is a great choice.

The entire country feels like a type of enigma, a mysterious and prehistoric place which has been left completely untouched.

Its beaches are unparalleled as the best in the world.

Its marine life equally as impressive.

The people are kind and the weather is good. So is the food!

Below you will find photos from our diving trip from the mainland of Mahe to Baie Ternay, the Marine National Park.

(For those who are serious about booking a holiday here, Mahe is the main island where most of the locals live. There are PLENTY of other, smaller islands to choose from however, you’ll need the time to get there. Like The Maldives, The Seychelles is a little difficult to reach but it’s absolutely worth the journey.)

Thank you for reading – feel free to send any comments/questions or feedback. I read them and respond to them all 🙂


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From the PADI certified dive centre on Mahe Island. Not a bad place to stand before gearing up for the dive.
Getting prepared.
I don’t know why but to me The Seychelles looks almost prehistoric. So in love.
Untouched beauty.
I can almost imagine dinosaurs roaming through here!
The beauty of The Seychelles is unparalleled. There’s nothing like it.
Ready to dive down into the National Marine Park.
Our dive master!
The colour of this water is gorgeous, isn’t it? Look at the different types of trees and the shapes of those boulders.

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