Private Day Trips: Odagalaa Island; The Maldives

Hello Kaptain Kenny readers,

As you know from the previous post, we were based on the island of Hadahaa for our last stay in The Maldives. The Park Hyatt offers incredible day tours from the island and below you’ll find some snaps from the day.

Reefs visited on the trip: Dhandoo, Dhorogalaa and Odagalaa.

Our guide was the fabulous Hissan from the Park Hyatt and he was not only really knowledgeable about local environment but also on water conditions and safety.

We begged him to take us to the reefs with an eye open for dolphins and he certainly delivered the goods! On our way to Dhandoo, he spotted a POD of dolphins and after watching them do their ‘thang for a while, he suggested we jump in. So we did! Hands down, swimming with a pod of dolphins has to be one of the best natural experiences I’ve had so far.

So as always, if you have any questions/comments/feedback, feel free to leave a comment – I alway reply and read them 🙂

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Scaring a flock of birds into flight for this little snap.


Frolic time.




For insanely weird sunburn lessons #101, just get in touch with me!




Odagalaa Island on first approach – there’s a beautiful reef which surrounds it, which we had the pleasure of snorkelling through.
Odagalaa Island – little bit ‘Castaway’, don’t you think? Apparently the Park Hyatt offers private day trips here which mimic the ‘Castaway’ vibe and you can have it to yourself for the day.
I threw this photo in for good island life measure.
Don’t forget your sun protection here kiddies!
Don’t you just want to jump right in? Ahhhhh take me back please.
maldives 12
Panorama of Odagalaa Island – Maldives. INSANE WATER!

2 thoughts on “Private Day Trips: Odagalaa Island; The Maldives

  1. Hi, I am visiting the park hyatt in May. What is the cost for this day trip? What else activities would you recommend at park hyatt? Any tips to getting upgraded rooms and would you recommend upgrading to water villa?


  2. Hi Amer,

    Thanks so much for your comment. You will absolutely love your trip to the Park Hyatt – it’s total paradise.

    I would 100% recommend this day trip – you explore 3 reefs. If you mention Dhandoo, Dhorogalaa and Odagalaa they will know straight away. Be sure to ask them to keep an eye out for dolphins as we did encounter an entire pod! Also, if you ask them, they will let you swim to this private island from the last reef. Take a waterproof camera 🙂

    For a couple, it’s $500 USD but worth every penny. It’s from 10:00 – 1:30PM roughly.

    Enjoy! Phoebe


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