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Park Hyatt Hadahaa: The Maldives

Ladies and gentlemen…. welcome to paradise!

This was officially THE best holiday location of my entire life.

We began our journey in Frankfurt and flew with Qatar Airways via Doha. I’d already flown to the Maldives twice before this trip, so I knew the plane wasn’t exactly going around the corner. In all honesty, The Maldives is a destination which is 100% worth the journey. Trust me.


Once you arrive at Male International Airport, a friendly member of the Hyatt’s staff will greet you at the airport and assist you with your bags to the domestic terminal. From here, you’ll check in for the next flight. If you have to wait an hour or so, the Hyatt attendant will accompany you to the lounge, which is nice after a long flight.


This is how you will arrive. After landing at Male International Airport, a domestic flight will take you to the closest airport, Kooddoo. From there, the resort’s luxurious speedboat will pick you up and take you to this island. The boat trip takes around 30 minutes.



When the domestic plane arrives, you’ll board in the direction of Kooddoo Domestic Airport. From memory, the plane journey was around an hour long.

At the domestic airport, you’ll be greeted once again by more friendly Hyatt staff who will take you to the dock where a speedboat is awaiting you. On board, you’ll receive a welcome drink and some light refreshments like biscuits and cookies. The entire journey on sea took about 30 minutes and I felt like a James Bond star! It’s a really cool way to start your holiday, trust me.


Just like the days are breathtaking, so are the sunsets.



One of the two main jetties. You can walk to the end of these with your snorkelling equipment, jump into the ocean and begin snorkelling through Hadahaa’s house reef. I’ve been to the Maldives three times and I have to say, this was the best house reef I’d seen.


Once you arrive on the island, you will be assigned an amazing host – ours was called Charles and he went above and beyond to ensure that our stay was perfect. Thank you Charles.

After you’ve checked in to your villa, you can basically decide how much or how little you want to do. The island facilities are lovely. There’s a day spa if you just want to relax. Irene and Ayu are absolute gems at the spa. Ayu gives massages like no one else and Irene is doing a fantastic job of running the spa and booking the appointments. I will never forget either of them.


The resort’s main pool – conveniently located next to the cocktail bar.



Our pool villa with direct access to our own private part of the beach. Just glorious.


There are kayaks and snorkelling equipment for hire, free of charge of course. There are many swimming pools and deck chairs on the beach if you just want to relax and read. Most importantly with holidays in The Maldives, you want to choose a resort which offers activities you like.


Another memorising sunset!


maldives 3

Champagne on arrival for diamond members which is a lovely touch after a long journey.


The Park Hyatt Hadahaa had many things for us to choose from. We ended up booking a 12 metre ocean dive like we always do. Our dive master was Rilwan and he was lovely. So kind and caring and really made sure we saw the most interesting things under water. We also booked a day trip on the boat to go and explore 3 reefs.

Our guide was Hissan and I have to say, he was the most incredible guide too. He made sure that we could stop the boat before the first reef once he spotted a pod of dolphins. We watched them twist and turn out of the water. Then Hissan recommended getting our snorkelling gear and jumping in with him. We did! What an experience it was to swim in deep water amongst a pod of chatty, noisy dolphins. I was welling up inside my mask with joy. Thank you Hissan. The three reefs were insane. So many interesting creatures to observe and lots of unusual coral and colours to see. To finish off the tour, he made sure we were able to spend half an hour at this really cool miniature, deserted island. Those photos are here.


Kayaks are free to rent as you please, as is snorkelling equipment. We made use of this daily! There’s nothing better than kayaking over a reef, spotting something through the crystal clear water, grabbing your mask and diving in.



My GermMan took me to a private 5 course dinner at the end of the jetty, under the stars.



The dining room poking through the palm trees.


In terms of food, I probably ate some of the most incredible food of my life on this island. The resort pays particularly close attention to fresh, sustainable ingredients and the tastes you can experience here are unparalleled. One night we had a 5 course private dinner on the jetty and the raw tuna sashimi just melted in my mouth. I would really recommend trying local Maldivian fish curry one night for dinner. Additionally the local yellow-fin tuna steaks are delectable. Thank you to the restaurant and bar staff for always greeting us with a smile and engaging in lovely conversation! *Speedy, Shuja, Mark and Sushitha.*


Our piece of private beach directly in front of the villa.



A great place to chill when the sun goes down. The bar staff are marvellously attentive and will bring you any cocktails you might need. (Along with some nice bar snacks.)



The Maldives’ water is incredibly warm. No need to anticipate going in, just do it!


I’m going to finish writing by saying that we’ve never received service anywhere else like we have on this island. The Park Hyatt makes sure that guests here have a private, intimate and 5-star experience. If you can, I would highly recommend going the extra mile and staying here. You simply will not regret it.

Thanks Hadahaa! Enjoy the pictures below.


What gets me about the Maldives is the stunning assortment of colours throughout the water. It’s truly beautiful.



Complimentary nibbles between 5 & 7 p.m along with a cocktail for diamond members.



The jetty and the speedboat which takes you to and from the airport and also on your private adventures.


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Peace as the sun begins to set.



Another perspective of the island from the other jetty.



Simply couldn’t get enough of this delicious, local yellow-fin tuna. I’ll be dreaming of that forever more!



It looks ‘dip’ worthy, doesn’t it?



What a place. There’s nothing like it in the world.


maldives 1

The stunning interior of the pool-side villas. We had the luxury of an outdoor bathroom too. It was lovely to come from water activities and freshen up outside.



Peace. Solitude. Zen.



Park Hyatt, Hadahaa – The Maldives. My new favourite place on earth.


maldives 14

The reason the Maldives is so revered is due to its picture-postcard appeal.


maldives 16

Peace. Solitude. Zen.


maldives 17

Last snapshot from the island. Hope you enjoyed!


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    March 14, 2016 at 5:55 am

    Oh what an incredible place!
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    THANKS FOR EVERY THING. And miss u two. Kkkk
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      I will amend immediately!! Thanks Charles – you were our favourite

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    O dear, you make me more and more jealous with every review! Amazing pictures 🙂

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    Amer Khan
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    Amazing review and pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. How long does it take from male to the hyatt ?

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      March 17, 2016 at 11:27 pm

      Hi Amer,

      Hmmm it depends on the domestic flight you get from Male. Ours was luckily the direct flight to a nearby island which only took 1 hour but I think depending on when you arrive, you may take the non-direct flight which is about 1.5-2 hours in total. Doesn’t matter because both options pay off when you arrive!


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    Saw your post on GLT. Looks amazing. Congratulations! Tell him good job! He did it big. I’m not sure I can wait until the time I planned. May want to go now! Be sure to stop by Also on iG: @Yventure

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      Hey Vonnie! Thanks for the support & lovely comment 🙂

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