Hiking in Switzerland; Lenk im Simmental


Hello from the Swiss Alps where I enjoyed a 12 kilometre solo hike.

I started off in Lenk im Simmental and made my way 6KM down the road towards the Siebenbrunnen which is a gigantic waterfall.

Unluckily for me, I made it all the way only to find out that it was closed & frozen – woops!

However I still enjoyed the hike 🙂 So nothing lost and everything gained.

Be warned, to those who want to come to Switzerland for a holiday, it’s arschteuer – which is German for ‘bloody expensive.’

Another warning: I think I nearly slipped over 100 times as I was wearing regular boots which you’d wear in the city. Do not follow suit! Be sure to take adequate snow-boots or shoes which will give you extra grip.

Nevertheless, enjoy the photos and if you have any questions or comments regarding this post, the region or the hike, please get in touch.

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Which way?
Strolling through the snow.
Solo hiking is the best hiking!
A fine day.
Bus stop.
Swiss Alps.
Powdery snow.
Love this weather.
Some locals going for a ski.
Peace and quiet in Lenk!
Incredible scenery.
That house up there!

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